New Releases: Children's Books

The newest children's book for 2023 by the author Mireille Louis comes in the form of a humorous and silly picture book, poetically written and beautifully detailed with comical illustrations for your child's amusement.

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"Scoompadoomp Scoompadoomp" is a silly humorous story about cute little imaginary forest creatures that love to play in the mud. They are friendly yet wild and you will find them roaming around the busy city and quiet towns. Everyone loves a Scoompadoomp, but beware, you do not want to take one home!

Scoompadoomp's are silly and hilarious, they will encourage the imagination of young readers.

Can you touch a Scoompadoomp? Are they always muddy? And if so, can you take one home to give it a bath?

This irresistible story will keep your child laughing out loud with its comical illustrations and absurdity.

"Scoompadoomp, Scoompadoomp" is also motivational and educational. children learn subconsciously about maintaining positive boundaries and the importance of respecting the nature of wildlife animals. Cleanliness is emphasized within the story to encourage the importance of bath time and keeping germs away to remain healthy.

While the vocabulary is intermediate, the nonsense words are cleverly and phonetically written, making it easy-to-read for Kindergarten through 3rd grade readers. This book is educational, poetic, humorous, and fun. It teaches a lesson about how to interact with wildlife in an imaginative way.

Children will recognize themselves within the story. Kids and adults can relate to the story because, who doesn't love a little humor?

This book is suitable for children 2-8 years old.

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