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Coral Matte Ceramic Vase

Coral Matte Ceramic Vase

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Expertly crafted, this premium matte ceramic vase exudes a 3-dimensional look and features an abstract design with a textured, subtly rugged surface. The bottom is smooth to prevent any surface damage.

  • Ceramic and porcelain vase 

  • Tabletop vase 

  • 2 colors 

  • Large: Length - 7.8", Width - 1.6", Height - 6.6" 

  • Small: Length - 5.7", Width - 0.8", Height - 5"


  • The interior of the ceramic vase is glazed and can be filled with water. White matte is unglazed, black is glazed. The interior is made suitable for fresh flowers, dried flowers, & pampas grass. 

  • A slight difference between the picture and the ceramic vase may exist due to variations in screen brightness.

Large abstract beige ceramic vase for flowers
    Abstract beige ceramic vase for flowers close up shot
      Abstract beige ceramic vase for flowers close up shot
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