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Authentic Fine Art Wall Paintings

In an age of technological advancement and digital overload, there is a greater need than ever before to appreciate fine art.

At Mireille Fine Art we aim to bring you a collection of original paintings from a talented independent artists. In this age of accelerating complexity, the need for fine art in 2024 is greater than ever. For, when the lights dim and we stand silently before an original art, we can truly explore ourselves because only in the presence of artwork can we truly be touched by someone else, ourselves.

Now let’s take a look at 10 brilliant examples of the perennial value of fine art, even as many of our contemporaries prefer to substitute it with other captivating visual stimuli, in the year 2024.

Rock Island

A mesmerizing portrayal of rugged landscapes and majestic seascapes, inviting viewers to contemplate the raw beauty of nature.

Mireille Fine Art, modern art, fine art, nature painting, textured art

Midnight Scene

An evocative depiction of nocturnal beauty, where darkness and light intertwine to create a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Mireille Fine Art, fine art, modern abstract art, textured art, nature painting

Tulips at Sunset

A vibrant celebration of color and botanical splendor, capturing the fleeting beauty of a sunset-kissed landscape.

Mireille Fine Art, abstract motion artwork, scenic tulip flower, butterfly fine art painting

Darkness Ends at Dawn

A poignant exploration of hope and renewal, where darkness gives way to the promise of a new day.

Mireille Fine Art, abstract acrylic on canvas fine art abstract clouds, horizon, sky painting

Swept Away

An emotive expression of movement and fluidity, where swirling brushstrokes convey a sense of dynamic energy and motion.

Mireille Fine Art, original fine art acrylic on canvas pollack style splatter painting abstract artwork


A serene meditation on the timeless allure of water, where tranquil rivers and winding streams beckon viewers to immerse themselves in contemplation.

Mireille Fine Art, original abstract expressionism fine art painting of abstract water shapes acrylic on canvas

Flower Fields 

A riot of color and texture, evoking the joyful abundance of blooming flower fields in full bloom.

Mireille Fine Art, original acrylic on canvas fine art colorful textured flower painting

The Pond

A tranquil oasis of reflection and serenity, where shimmering waters mirror the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Mireille fine Art, original acrylic on canvas abstract fine art painting of catfish in koi pond with lotus flower, lily pads, modern artwork


A portrait of grace and elegance, capturing the essence of feminine beauty and inner strength.

Mireille Fine Art, fine art paintings, abstract art, woman art, women artwork
A powerful homage to the resilience and beauty of Black women, celebrating their regal presence and enduring legacy.
Mireille Fine Art, textured abstract fine art painting, colorful woman's face abstract artwork


With so much of our experience fractured and mediated by ever-more perfect copies, and offshoots of anything at our fingertips, the opportunity (19 years from now) for precious originals to have a timelessly human voice will be greater than ever before.

 As we hope you’ve found, regardless of anyone else’s opinion, there is still an undeniable potency to glance upon the hand-made surface of a genuine painting.

Come celebrate the realness and value of fine art in 2024: where the art on the wall is created and not made; where a canvas is a whole world unto itself and every brushstroke tells a story.

From our collection of original paintings, we invite you to rediscover the transformative power of art and embrace its timeless relevance through authenticity, where each brushstroke carries the spark of imagination and wonder.

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