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As a native of South Florida, growing up with parents from the Islands was a culturally immersive experience that has allowed my work to remain vibrant, expressive, emotional, and personal. To whomever views my work: I hope that you are able to capture the essence of every piece, and I hope that it brings you a sense of happiness along with a little bit of wonder.

Artist Statement

...I don't like to limit myself when it comes to creativity. Like all forms of art, my work is very subjective and involves a combination of my ongoing interest in the innumerable styles that abstract and figurative art can create. I am obsessed. I am inspired by many different forms of art, particularly the Modernist Art Movement of the 1930's as well as Haitian Folk Art and visual artists such as Henri Matisse and Jackson Pollock. These styles helped navigate me along my path which has led to the incorporation of colors with the use of impasto techniques in most of my pieces. Art is expressive, and I intend to depict the flow of life through an abstract perspective.

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Past Featured Pieces

Le Neg Marron - Mireille Louis, 2022
Limited Edition
Original painting signed by artist
Acrylic on canvas 

42 Hours of Inspiration

that gave life to a symbol of the Haitian monument of black liberation.

The Meaning

Le marron inconnu holds a golden conch to represent the sounding of a revolution. The red moon, as well as the fog in the background, is present to illuminate the auspiciousness of that fateful night. As the artist of this piece, it was a truly powerful painting to complete and has become another one of my favorites.

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