Expand Your Artistic Mind: Newest Must-Have Books for 2023

Expand Your Artistic Mind: Newest Must-Have Books for 2023

If you're as passionate about art as we are, then this list is specifically designed for you. Our team has curated a collection of must-read in-house books for 2023 that will expand your artistic mind and inspire you to create.

In this short blog post, we recommend checking out our books and activity books collection that offers engaging and educational options for both kids and adults. The latest book "Scoompadoomp Scoompadoomp", available in paperback as well as in ebook form by author Mireille Louis is a delightful rhyming story that is not only humorous but motivational and educational for children ages 2-8 years old. Scoompadoomp's are cute little imaginary forest creatures that are silly and hilarious, they will encourage the imagination of young readers. Find it online now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Scoompadoomp Children's book by author Mireille Louis

Meanwhile, our "Princie the American Beagle" book is the perfect book for dog-lovers and suitable for young adults ages 12 and up. It features intricate designs and stunning American Beagle images that are sure to inspire creativity and calmness. Our adult coloring books are great for some stress-relieving and meditative coloring time. They are available online for download and also on Amazon if you prefer a more traditional coloring book option.

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Choose from our other digital download coloring books such as:  "Rolo the Black Labrador," "Mylo the Golden Retriever," and "Sunshine the Tawny Pug."  

mireille louis author books, adult coloring books

To learn more about the positive impacts associated with coloring, check out the benefits of adult coloring books for stress-relief

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