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The Basics: Exploring Shape, Color, and Texture

Art has the power to speak to us on many levels. It can stir emotion, inspire wonder, and transport us to another time and place. But what makes a piece of art truly powerful and captivating? One answer lies in its use of the elements of art.

At Mireille Fine Art, we specialize in creating original and modern abstract art that showcases the power and beauty of these elements. We offer a variety of collections, including Original Pieces, Modern Abstract Brush Strokes, Modern Abstract Figurative, and Modern Abstract Line. We also offer a selection of high-quality canvas prints that reproduce our original artwork with stunning clarity and detail.

So what are the elements of art, and how do they enhance the art we create and enjoy? Let's take a closer look at three crucial elements that form the foundation of all visual art: Shape, Color, and Texture.


Mireille Louis Paintings, Acrylic on Canvas Painting,  Buy original art online, Original paintings, Curated art collections , Discover new Art Shape is one of the most fundamental elements of art. It refers to the physical boundaries of an object or form, whether it's a geometric shape like a square or circle, or a more organic and abstract shape like a cloud or wave.

In our Original Pieces and Modern Abstract collections, you can see a wide variety of shapes at play. Some pieces feature geometric forms that are clean and precise, while others use more free-flowing, organic shapes that suggest movement and energy. Each shape brings its own unique energy to the piece, and the interplay between different shapes can create a dynamic and engaging composition.

For example, our Acrylic on Canvas Waterways painting features bold, sweeping lines that suggest the movement of water in a river or stream. The curved shapes of the lines contrast with the straight edges of the canvas, creating a sense of tension and movement.

Mireille Louis Paintings, Acrylic on canvas abstract art, Handcrafted artwork, Original art
In our Modern Abstract Figurative collection, you can see how shapes can be used to create forms in new and exciting ways. Pieces like Valery and Bag Lady also use impasto techniques, distorted shapes, and bold lines to evoke the complexity and emotion of the human experience.


Mireille Fine Art Paintings, Canvas print paintings, abstract art

Color is another essential element of art that has a powerful effect on our emotions and perceptions. It can create mood, suggest movement, and even alter our perception of space and depth.

At Mireille Fine Art, we use color in a variety of ways to create striking and memorable pieces. In our Modern Abstract Brush Strokes and Modern Abstract Line collections, you can see how bold, bright colors can create a sense of energy and movement. Pieces like Swept Away and The Black Woman Is use vibrant pinks, blues, and yellows to convey a sense of joy and freedom.

Mireille Louis Paintings, original handcrafted art, acrylic on canvas original artwork
On the other hand, our Original Pieces and Modern Abstract Figurative collection often use more muted colors to create a sense of depth and complexity. Pieces like Flower Fields or The Pond use shades of green and blue to suggest natural environments, while pieces like Inexpressible Feelings use a subdued palette to evoke the complexity of human emotion.

Color can also be used to create contrast and balance within a piece of art. For example, our Between the Lights and Between the Darkness Framed Canvas Prints both use a combination of light and dark shades to create a sense of tension and dynamic balance.

Mireille Louis Paintings, original artwork

Texture is another important element of art that adds depth and complexity to a piece. It refers to the physical surface of the artwork, whether it's smooth, rough, bumpy, or anything in between.

In our Original Pieces and Modern Abstract collections, you can see how we use texture to create tactile interest and visual depth. Pieces like Acrylic on Canvas Waterways or Darkness Ends at Dawn use thick, bold strokes to create a sense of movement and texture. Other pieces, like Wild Forest Blooms or Amorphous Absolute, use more subtle textures to create a sense of depth and complexity.

Mireille Louis Paintings, Original Artwork

One of the advantages of canvas prints is that they can reproduce the texture of the original artwork, making it feel as if you're looking directly at the painting. Our Backyard Blooms and Springtime Blooms Framed Canvas Prints are excellent examples of how canvas printing technology can capture the subtle, organic textures of a painting with stunning accuracy and clarity.

Mireille Fine Art paintings, Canvas print art, original artwork

In conclusion, the elements of art are essential tools that artists use to create powerful, engaging, and memorable works. At Mireille Fine Art, we're proud to showcase the beauty and diversity of these elements in our original pieces and canvas prints. Whether you're drawn to the bold shapes and colors of our modern abstract collections or the nuanced textures and subtle colors of our original artwork, there's something for everyone to discover and enjoy. To learn more about the world of abstract art, check out our comprehensive guide to original abstract artwork.

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To learn more about the world of abstract art, check out our comprehensive guide to original abstract artwork. 

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