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Mireille Fine Art

Amphora Ceramic Vase

Amphora Ceramic Vase

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Greek inspired handmade ceramic vase which boasts a vintage aesthetic and showcases a textured yet subtly rugged dimpled surface. Both pieces, bulbous round, and amphora styled with handles, have a larger interior to support more dried or fresh flowers. The bottom is carefully smooth to protect surfaces from damage.

  • Ceramic tabletop vase 

  • 2 styles

  • Round: Length - 5.8", Diameter - 2.9", Width - 2.7", Height - 8.7" 

  • Amphora: Length - 6", Diameter - 3.0", Width - 4.4", Height - 8.4"

  • Each piece is handmade and may vary slightly from other variations


The interior of the ceramic vase is glazed and can be filled with water. White matte unglazed exterior. The interior is made suitable for fresh flowers, dried flowers, & pampas grass. A slight difference between the picture and the ceramic vase may exist due to variations in screen brightness.


Please email for any additional inquiries. 

Greek styled round vintage ceramic vase close up
Greek styled amphora vintage ceramic vase bottom close upGreek styled amphora vintage ceramic vase close upGreek styled amphora with round vintage ceramic vase
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