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Mireille Fine Art

Velvet Flower Knotted Pillow

Velvet Flower Knotted Pillow

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Indulge in ultimate comfort with this luxurious knotted pillow crafted from high-quality blended velvet fabric.

  • Knotted throw pillow material made with blended velvet fabric
  • 13 colors with cotton polyfill insert

  • Knotted throw pillow comes in an individual polybag 

  • Handmade knotted flower design


  • Machine wash gentle or spot clean only. There may be a slight deviation (1") due to manual measurement

  • 1Ibs knot cushion
  • Allow pillow 24hrs to naturally fluff up after opening 
  • A slight color difference between the picture and the knotted pillow may exist due to variations in screen brightness. 

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